Miche Mix


  • 1 fl oz Miche Mix Mexican Recipe
  • 2 fl oz orange juice
  • 4 fl oz V8 juice
  • 1/2 fl oz cocktail simple syrup
  • Fill with your favorite beer
Get ready to create a Michelada masterpiece with this fun and concise recipe:
  • Moisturize the edge with a zesty lime wedge, then coat the rim with salt. For an impressive twist, sprinkle some celery salt.
  • Build a foundation of freshness by adding ice to the glass.
  • Bring on the magic! Pour in the remaining ingredients and give it a good stir.
  • Elevate your Michelada by garnishing with slices of crisp cucumber.
  • Voila! Your Michelada masterpiece is complete. Sip, savor, and enjoy the captivating blend of zesty lime, savory salted rim, and invigorating cucumber.
Cheers to the joy of crafting the perfect Michelada and sharing unforgettable moments with friends and loved ones.

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