Miche Mix


  • 1 fl oz Miche Mix Mexican Recipe
  • 3 fl oz grapefruit juice
  • 4 fl oz Clamato
  • Fill with your favorite beer
Get ready to level up your Michelada game with this epic recipe:
  • Grab your glass and amp up the flavor by moistening the edge with a zesty lime wedge. Coat the rim with a blend of salt, and for an extra kick, try using smoked salt and add small pieces of dried meat for a flavor-packed surprise.
  • Time to chill! Drop in some ice cubes, creating a refreshing foundation for the magic that awaits.
  • Now, it’s showtime! Pour in the rest of the ingredients, combining them with finesse.
  • Want to earn double extra points? Go for the ultimate garnish game-changer – a piece of crispy bacon.
Sit back, savor the moment, and let the extraordinary flavors of this masterpiece dance on your palate.

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