What is the origin of the Michelada? The history of the most delicious and a 100% Mexican drink

They say that Mexican ingenuity has no limits. We are known throughout the world for our craftiness, creativity and good taste for food and drinks, but there is this one drink where differentsour, spicy and salty flavors were mixed with a refreshing beer, and I think we all know which one we are talking about… the Michelada.

Theories about the origin of this great 100% Mexican invention

We all, well… almost all of us like them, but few of us know where this incredible invention came from, that’s how we ask ourselves, who invented the Michelada?

There are different theories, as well as ways to prepare it, in each area of ​​the country there is anemblematic and characteristic flavor of this refreshing drink. But hey, let’s get into the matter about the origin of this great mix; some say that since the time of the Mexican Revolution it already existed, it is said that a revolutionary who responded to the name of Augusto Michel prepared it for the first time and it is believed that since then the Michelada was already doing its own thing, enhancing flavors and most importantly: cured the well-known hangover.

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Others assure that it is only the contraction of ‘Mi Chela Helada’, coupled with the English word Chilled which means very cold, they do not want to break their heads and just want to enjoy the benefits of the much-loved Micheladas.

But the most popular version is this:

Much is known about this theory, even on the internet it is the one that provides the most evidence of where, when and how the first Michelada was made, this theory is well known, especially in central Mexico, where they say that this mythical cocktail was the invention of Michel Ésper, a young tennis player from the 70’s, who in his quest to refresh himself after a match, created this mixture that we know today as Michelada.

A unique and authentic flavor from Mexico.

The Micheladas are the perfect mix of many flavors, colors and feelings, and you will not let us lie when we say that the best talks and moments have a Michelada on the table.

It will be difficult to discover who invented it for sure, what we do know is that the Mexican ingenuity of mixing lemon, salt, spicy, black sauces and beer is one of the best flavors that Mexico could give to the world.

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